C&E WEEK 2020


Officers and NCMs of the C&E Branch and its founding services: this post and the attachments below provide an overview of C&E Week 2020.  Note that this year’s event will deviate from previous iterations. Due to recent health-related restrictions, the focus this year shall be on lectures, PD sessions, and seminars via virtual platforms (e.g. MS Teams).

C&E Week will span Saturday, 24 October to Thursday, 29 October 2020.  The various events shall be completely virtual in nature with remote attendance drawn from across the country.

The schedule for C&E Week 2020 can be found in the attachment below labeled C&E Week 2020 – Master Schedule.

C&E Week 2020 – Instructions shall provide a complete overview of C&E Week and all events contained within.

CMCEN also has the registration sites posted online.  These news posts provide an overview of each event and contain links to our registration software (Wild Apricot) which shall gather required information for those personnel wishing to attend the virtual sessions.  Note that access to MS Teams (either on Defence O-365 or via a personal app / account) shall be required.  When registering, ensure you forward the e-mail address that is tied to the MS Teams application you are electing to use.  Personnel are authorized to begin registering now.  Please carefully review the Indoc Course registration requirements as each applicant must be approved.

CMCEN shall not upload any further content (retirement messages, promotions, events, etc.) until the conclusion of C&E Week 2020 in order to ensure that instructions and registration sites remain front & centre on the homepage.


C&E Week 2020 – Master Schedule

C&E Week 2020 – Instructions

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