CFIOG / ADM(IM) H&A Ceremony, 16 Dec 21

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On 16 Dec 21, the Chief of Staff – Information Management Group, MGen Jayne, along with IM Group Chief, CWO Turcotte, presented the following awards and recognition:
CWO Scroll:
CWO Gail Roberts (DG Cyber) – FEATURED IMAGE.
The CWO Scroll is issued to recognize the pinnacle achievement of a non-commissioned member’s career.
It is issued under the authority given to the Honourable Minister of National Defence by the Governor General in council directing Chief Warrant Officers to carefully and diligently discharge their duties while observing and following orders and directions received from all Commanding and Superior officers according to law.
Today, this certificate is being presented to CWO Gail Roberts.
CDS Commendation:
  • Maj David Oldford – DG Cyber – RMC Det; and
  • Cpl Mark McHugh – CFNOC.
VCDS Commendation:
  • Maj Savio Fernandes – CFIOG HQ;
  • Capt Warren (Jack) McCoombs – CFIOG HQ;
  • PO1 Andrew Sheppard – CFIOG HQ; and
  • WO Craig Laing – CFIOG HQ.
CJOC Commander’s Commendation:
  • MCpl Caroline Doyon – CFS Leitrim.
CanSOF Commander’s Commendation:
  • WO Josh Gibbs.
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David Brown
1 year ago

Any chance the citations for these commendations can be posted?