Featured Image: Capt Adams receiving CDS Commendation from A/CDS Gen Wayne Eyre.

The MND and A/CDS visited this week and we used this as an opportunity to have the CDS present a few CDS Commendations as well as a CWO Scroll.

Capt Adams and PO2 Crockett were awarded their commendations due to the response efforts for the RMC Net ransomware attack.

In July 2020, Capt Adams, a cyber protection team officer, led the team in resolving the largest cyber ransomware incident in CAF history. Displaying tremendous leadership, his team deployed and resolved the RMC cyber incident, identifying the originating compromise but also further identifying two additional unknown network attacks. Capt Adams’ professionalism and tradecraft ensured continuing education of over 1000 RMC students, limiting disruption to CAF professional development and resulted in valuable Five-Eyes intelligence reporting.

In July 2020, then-MS Crockett, a cyber protection team technical lead provided crucial technical analysis and forensic investigation leading to the team resolving the largest cyber ransomware incident in CAF history. His technical acumen and insight ensured the RMC attack was addressed quickly with network operations restored. MS Crockett’s tradecraft was key in maintaining the ongoing education and ensured the continuing availability of professional development within RMC.

MCpl Beauchamp was awarded the CDS C for her efforts supporting the LGBTQ2+ community and former service members:

Throughout 2019, then-Cpl Beauchamp’s dedication towards the inclusion of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Two-Spirit+ personnel within the CAF has been exemplary. She worked towards revitalizing relations with military veterans of the pride community who faced past sexual discrimination thus improving external public relations between the CAF and the Canadian public. Cpl Beauchamp tirelessly advocated in a multitude of events to secure funding, coordinate participation and liaise with all involved.

And, just because it was on my desk, CWO Lanctot was presented with his CWO Scroll:

CWO / Adjuc Shawn Mailer
Canadian Armed Forces
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