CFJSR Members awarded Command and CDS Commendations


Corporal J.R.D. Handley, 3 Squadron:
Awarded the Commander CJOC Commendation

Corporal Handley deployed to Qayyarah-West, Iraq from February to May 2019 as part of Canada’s contribution to the multinational effort to defeat Daesh. As the Acting Commander of the Communication Information system Detachment, his performance was stellar. He assumed responsibility for all theatre communication equipment to the fullest extent, and conceived, designed, and implemented numerous processes to ensure the timely submission and activation of CAF and coalition networks across five camps. Moreover, he confidently prepared concise briefings for the Commanding Officer of the Impact Training and Coordination unit regarding communications-related issues. Corporal Handley’s professionalism and tireless efforts ensured the connectivity of all communication platforms.


Master Corporal K. Fougere, 3 Squadron:
Awarded the Commander CJOC Commendation

Master Corporal Fougere trained and led the Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment’s team for Exercise NOBLE SKYWAVE 18, a prestigious international High Frequency competition conducted in Norway in November 2018. His infectious desire to win inspired his team, who moved from the bottom of 123 competitors to achieve First Place while using a man pack radio and improvised antennas. Master Corporal Fougere’s exemplary leadership and dedication ultimately led to Canada winning the competition, bringing great credit to himself and the Canadian Joint Operations Command.


Major M.J.B. Allaire, Regimental Command Suite:
Awarded the Chief of Defence Staff Commendation

Le major Allaire a été déployée au Sénégal d’août à décembre 2018 titre de commandant du carrefour de soutien opérationnel intérimaire. Son leadership exemplaire, son engagement proactif avec nos principaux partenaires bilatéraux et ses grandes aptitudes professionnelles ont permis la mise en place rapide d’un centre de soutien opérationnel très efficace et cohésif en Afrique de l’Ouest. Les efforts du major Allaire ont été essentiels à la mise sur pied et au maintien en puissance de la Force opérationnelle aérienne au Mali et ont aidé à renforcer nos principaux liens avec le Sénégal, ce qui a fait grand honneur aux Forces armées canadiennes.

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