CJOC Comd’s Commendation – Cpl Krosse


Cpl Krosse – 2 CMBG HQ & Sigs

Throughout the move to the Multi National Headquarters (MNHQ), Corporal Devon Krosse, serving as Help Desk Technician in support of Task Force Latvia Headquarters, distinguished himself through quiet professionalism and technical acumen.  During a power outage which resulted in disruption to key communication systems, Cpl Krosse proved to be crucial in solving the issue.  Working long past office hours, conducting liaising experts in Ottawa, and providing decision makers in theatre with viable courses of action, Cpl  Krosse was able to restore the communication system.  With a natural ability to work through various IT issues and a can do attitude, Cpl Krosse established himself as the go-to individual for Tech support. Being the face of IT during the move to the MNHQ, Corporal Krosse’s calm demeanour, easy going personality and keen attitude towards completing tasks were key in ensuring Task Force Latvia HQ’s operations continued as unhindered as possible. Cpl Krosse’s dedication to tradecraft reflected extremely positively on the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, Task Force Latvia as a whole, and the Canadian Armed Forces.

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