COMM RSCH: Official Name Change to SIGINT Specialist


Present & Former Communicator Research Members and Community writ large!

Back in 2018, a Briefing Note was submitted to recommend a name change for the Communicator Research occupation. The journey was long but here we are. Effective 1 October 2020, the new occupation name has been made official.

On behalf of Colonel Parsons, the Occupation Authority, I introduce you to our new name, “Signals Intelligence Specialist” or “SIGINT SPEC” // “Spécialistes en renseignement d’origine Electromagnétique” ou “SPÉC ROÉ”.

Over the coming months the name will be reflected in all applicable communications, webpages and resources. The occupation video will take some time to redo, but it is in the works. If anyone has any questions about the name change, the Commander and I will be hosting a Facebook Live session on Monday, 16 November 2020 at 08h00 to last about 30 minutes or longer, depending on the number of questions we received.

The URL for the Facebook live session will be posted next week on the ARM Website at this link:

The official introduction letter is available at the above link for your read. Please help spread the word to all present and former Communicator Research members. We look forward to hearing from you on 16 November 2020.



SIGINT SPEC Occupation Advisor

CWO Ives C. Bowman
[email protected]

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