Congratulations to CWO Sherman on the promotion to CFIOG Gp CWO!


CFB Kingston is honoured to present CWO Rob Sherman with his Senior Appointment as well as his CD2.

The ceremony took place at CFB Kingston on 23 June 2023. CWO Sherman has been appointed as the CFIOG Gp CWO, replacing CWO Shawn Mailer as CFB Kingston Base Comd, Col Hatton, CWO Rob Sherman and the CFB Kingston Base CWO, CWO Prendergast.

CWO Sherman received his CD2 after his appointment to CWO SA (crossed swords under the CWO rank).

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Shawn Sibley
8 months ago

Congrats Rob!

Drew Adkins
8 months ago

Taught my Sig Op Apprentice (QL3/DP1) in ‘02. Congratulations!