Branch Educational Bursary

The C&E Branch Educational Bursary is offered on an annual basis to provide financial assistance for deserving candidates entering, or already enrolled into, their first programme of post-secondary education.

The competition is open only to to the children and dependants of serving C&E Members (from the Regular and Reserve Force).

Academic institutions include, but are not limited:

  • Universities;
  • Colleges; and
  • Technical / Vocational Schools.

The current competition entails the following bursaries, totalling $6,750.00 in educational funding:

  • Officers (up to and including Lieutenant-Colonel):
    • 1 x Bursary in the amount of $1,500.00; and
    • 1 x Bursary in the amount of $750.00.
  • Non-Commissioned Members (up to and including Master Warrant Officer):
    • 2 x Bursaries of $1,500.00 each; and
    • 2 x Bursaries of $750.00 each.

Notification of the open competition for each academic year shall be made known on CMCEN and – if required – via DWAN Distribution List.  Elected recipients will be contacted directly (through their guardian / parent) and issued a cheque by the Branch Office.  Photos and details shall be collected for the purpose of promoting the programme and recognizing each winning applicant.

Note: The Branch Office endeavors to award each grant before the commencement of the academic year.  This is not always possible due to time / availability of board members, logistical considerations, and unforeseen delays in arranging / delivering each cheque.




2019 Bursary Award Recipients

Lauren Aswalt Ann Lambert Sophie MacDonald Abrinna Unser-Doering


2018 Bursary Award Recipients

Gabrielle McKenna Liam Pedersen Cpl Nicole Brenner-Rae Dante Stabile