The C&E Branch Educational Bursary is offered on an annual basis to provide financial assistance for deserving candidates entering, or already enrolled into, their first program of post-secondary education.



The competition is open only to to the children and dependents of serving C&E Members (from the Regular and Reserve Force) who have contributed to the Branch Fund at least five times in the past. Full eligibility criteria can be found in the instructions linked below. Academic institutions include, but are not limited:

  • Universities;
  • Colleges; and
  • Technical / Vocational Schools.


The current competition entails the following bursaries, totaling $5,000.00 in educational funding:

  • Officers (up to and including Lieutenant-Colonel):
    • 2 x Bursaries in the amount of $1,000.00;
  • Non-Commissioned Members (up to and including Master Warrant Officer):
    • 3 x Bursaries of $1,000.00 each;


End-July of the current year. Applications received after this date will not be accepted. It is imperative that you contact C&E Branch Adjutant by Mid-July either by e-mail (see above) or phone (613.541.5010 x 8371 or CSN 271.8371) if there is any doubt that your application will arrive by the deadline. The Branch Office shall release confirmed dates – on CMCEN – regarding the submission due date for each year.

Note: Notification of the open competition for each academic year shall be made known on CMCEN and – if required – via DWAN Distribution List.  Elected recipients will be contacted directly (through their guardian / parent) and issued a cheque by the Branch Office.  Photos and details shall be collected for the purpose of promoting the programme and recognizing each winning applicant.

Note: The Branch Office endeavors to award each grant before the commencement of the academic year.  This is not always possible due to time / availability of board members, logistical considerations, and unforeseen delays in arranging / delivering each cheque.


2019 Bursary Award Recipients

Lauren Aswalt Ann Lambert Sophie MacDonald Abrinna Unser-Doering


2018 Bursary Award Recipients

Gabrielle McKenna Liam Pedersen Cpl Nicole Brenner-Rae Dante Stabile