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Riga International Airport (03 Dec 2021)

With the pandemic situation more present and persistent than ever as well as the many constraints that this situation threw at us, the Signal Squadron had to face many challenges of coordination and training, mainly caused by the inability to accommodate a physical regrouping at CFB Valcartier. The delays caused by the metrological conditions on the day of departure and the mechanical/electrical issues experienced at the time of take-off did not discourage the members of the advanced party. It was with excitement that they left the country on 2 December 2021, on their way to OP REASSURANCE.




Once all the members of the Signal Squadron were reunited in Latvia, it was easy to notice the level of enthusiasm, maturity and professionalism of the 41 members of the Squadron. Coming from different units spread across Canada such as 3 Can Div HQ, 5 GBMC, 77th Line Regt, CFJSR, 21 EW Regt, 37 CBG HQ and 35 Regt des Trans Det Sherbrooke, our young team quickly integrated with the outgoing members and all proudly contributed the Transfer of Command Authority (TOCA) parade that took place on 15 December 2021 in the International House. It was during this ceremony that Maj Marcoux fittingly assumed command of the eFP Signal Squadron 22-01, replacing Maj Chapman.

TOCA 22-01, International House, Command Team (15 Dec 2021)

With just a few days in theatre, our teams is working hard to maintain a seamless transition between the incoming and outgoing rotation while providing superior IT support to clients. Providing continuous support to the various elements of the operation, as well as improving the performance of our IT systems and infrastructure will remain one of our priorities throughout the deployment. The in-depth knowledge of our team members has been used to undertake many initiatives to maximize Squadron performance and to expand inter-unit relationships.

Christmas Sport Day, eFP Sig Sqn (24 Dec 2021)

Our morale remains high despite the fact that we will not have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas and New Year festivities with our respective families this year. We take this situation as an opportunity to deepen our interpersonal relationships and to create professional bonds with the host country as well as the members of the different nations representing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It is with our heads held high that we, eFP Signal Squadron 22-01, will together overcome any obstacle along the way while proudly representing our country and the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (RCCS).

Trivia Night Winner, Team “Sigs Rules”, eFP Sig Sqn (28 Dec 2021)







Ready to fight tonight.


Featured Image: Christmas Care Packages, Line Section (24 Dec 2021)

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