LCol Rod Sterling – CD 3rd Clasp


LCol Rod Sterling - CD 3rd Clasp

CD – 3rd Clasp awarded to Lieutenant-Colonel Rod Sterling

On 5 November 2020, the Commander of the Canadian Army (CCA) presented our own Lieutenant-Colonel Rod Sterling with the 3rd clasp to his Canadian Forces’ Decoration, marking 42 years of distinguished service to Her Majesty’s Canadian Armed Forces. LCol Sterling commenced his career in 1978 with 723 Communication Squadron, Halifax. Presently, LCol Sterling serves with Director Canadian Rangers at Canadian Army Headquarters. On behalf of the C&E Branch, the Colonel Commandant and the Branch Leadership extend their congratulations to Rod to acknowledge and applaud his remarkable dedication to Canada.

The decoration is awarded to officers and NCMs of the Regular and Reserve forces, including honorary appointments. It is conferred in recognition of long service marked by good conduct. The medal is initially bestowed upon reaching twelve years of honourable service.

A clasp (bar) is awarded for every subsequent period of ten years of qualifying service. The clasp portrays the shield of the Canadian coat of arms in the centre surmounted by the Sovereign’s Crown, and is gold in colour. Likewise, the undress ribbon is decorated with a silver rosette.

The post-nominals ‘CD’ is authorized for use upon receiving the decoration. Of note, subsequent awarding of clasps do not alter the post-nominals in anyway. It remains ‘CD’ irrespective of clasps / rosettes awarded.

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LCol Guy Parisien, Comd 5 Wing
3 years ago

Well done Rod. 42 years of service and counting! You are an inspiration to a generation of officers following behind your example. Thank you for your service, your guidance and friendship.


Col Pascal Godbout, Comd 16 Wing
3 years ago

Congratulations and thank you for your service Rod, as well as the fond memories of serving together. 42 years is beyond impressive. Can’t thank you enough for your dedication and contribution to the RCCS and the Branch.


3 years ago

BZ Rod! You’ve come a long way since 4 Sigs, signalling out of greasy CPs and RRBs, and sauntering along, very quietly as usual, on the Nijmegen Marches! VVV, take care, Jim

Cheryl M.G. Robertson , HCol 37 Sig Reg
3 years ago

Felicitations et Congratulations 🎉 , LCol Sterling!
Well done and thank you for 42 years of service! Impressive indeed!
Merci , Bravo!