WO Clément Dupuis, CD, RCCS (Retired)

25 Sep 21

Warrant Officer Clément Dupuis, CD, RCCS (Retired)

At the Enfant-Jésus Hospital in Quebec City passed away at the age of 60 years Mr. Clément Dupuis, husband of Nathalie Lambert, son of Cécile Baril and the late Roger J. Dupuis.

The family welcomed relatives and friends at the Family home, outside 341, Rue Picard, St-Alexis-des-Monts. A tribute to his life was paid that same day at 3pm. The burial took place at the cemetery of St-Alexis-des-Monts in all intimacy.

Besides his wife Nathalie Lambert and his mother Cécile Baril, he leaves to mourn: his 4 daughters: Léonie, Chanelle, Rébecca and Miléna.

Here is a bio of Clément from his company’s website, now managed and run by his daughter Rebecca:


Let me give you a bit of background on myself and how the the idea of having study guides came along. As I mentioned earlier, I am a retired military Communication and IT Specialist (20 years of service) for the Canadian Army, I retired in early 1998. The last 12 years of my military career were strictly in IT and more specifically security oriented in the last three. I was THE pioneer who deployed the first computer into a field unit for the Canadian Army. It was a big clunker of 65 pounds with tons of screws (42 to open the cover) due to TEMPEST requirements. A bit later I also achieved the milestone of setting up the first LAN and WAN in a deployed operational unit. I have deployed networks for large Army Headquarters in exotic places such as Somalia and Rwanda while under constant threats from thugs and at time under live fire. I must admit that your view of Africa is very different once you spend six months in Rwanda and six months in Somalia with regular visits to neighboring countries such as Ouganda, Ethiopa, and Kenya. Once you get back home, you never, ever, complain about the water being too cold in your shower; you simply consider yourself lucky to have basic necessities such as water.

Source: Article by Capt (Ret) Steve Waterhouse, CD; https://maisonstlouis.ca/avis-de-deces/m-clement-dupuis/