Master Corporal Joshua Townsend: Member of the Year 2020

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The C&E Branch Member of the Year Award is awarded to Master Corporal Joshua Townsend, a Signals Intelligence Specialist posted to the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group (CFIOG) – OUTCAN Det Alaska. Master Corporal Townsend is recognized for his exceptional devotion to duty, remarkable technical skills, and impressive leadership abilities which furthered the goals and objectives of the C&E Branch. This award is established to recognize and acknowledge hard work, dedication to the mission, and above-reproach performance in the delivery of Communications and Electronics support to the Canadian Armed Forces.

On behalf of the Colonel Commandant, Branch Leader, and the Branch Chief: congratulations Master Corporal Townsend for your stellar performance and impressive technical acumen.


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Meghan B
3 years ago

BZ, Townie! Miss you in the NCR, Buddy!