MCpl J.D. Hunt & Cpl C.S.J. Duplessis-Daigle – TFL Commander’s Commendations


Master Corporal J.D. Hunt – 2 CMBG HQ & Sigs
MCpl Hunt is being recognized for consistently exceeding expectations and maintaining operational excellence. As the CDMN Det Comd, MCpl Hunt has been instrumental in providing awareness of network capabilities. He has quickly resolved issues that remained from the previous ROTO and improved upon current systems. He also provided a detailed overview of CDMN services, system administration tools, and Network Interface Plug-In (NIP) issues, improving awareness of capabilities at the CJOC J6 level. MCpl Hunt’s knowledge base and attention to detail had an extremely positive impact on increasing the credibility of the CAF with multinational partners. He frequently advised the FISM and CoC on capabilities available in theatre, and liaised directly with DLCSPM and ANOC on network management. He demonstrates superior time and resource management skills which have enabled greater Sqn preparedness for network support. MCpl Hunt has utilized his complete understanding of all deployed systems to increase the effectiveness of the Sigs Sqn, CAF, and NATO as a whole.

Corporal C.S.J. Duplessis-Daigle –  2 CMBG HQ & Sigs

Going well above and beyond what was expected of him, Cpl Duplessis-Daigle volunteered to assist HSS with the creation of a vaccination survey for Op BALTIC VECTOR. This survey greatly assisted medical planners in capturing an accurate supply forecast for Covid-19 vaccines for all Canadians in the TFL AO. Cpl Duplessis-Daigle greatly impacted force readiness and positively influenced HSS supply chain decisions through his work on data capture. His technical knowledge and skills directly contributed to mission success in securing Covid-19 vaccines and his commitment throughout has set an example for all to follow. Cpl Duplessis-Daigle is recognized for his dedication, passion for web development, and willingness to assist in completing critical tasks. He has demonstrated that he is an extremely capable individual who is keen to get the job done. Cpl Duplessis-Daigle was indispensable as a member of the Covid-19 Vaccination plan and is commended for improving the health of the eFP BG, CAF, and NATO as a whole.

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