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The EW Troop, also known as W Tp amongst the eFP Sigs Sqn is a total of 23 people of different trades coming from 21 EW Regt. This team has come together on this ROTO to provide support to the eFP BG and contribute to a well-rounded EW capability in theatre – ROTO 21-01 was the first one to see the return of the Mobile Electronic Warfare Team (MEWT) platform since Afghanistan.

The current EW Troop is comprised of both heavy and light EW platforms as well as a Mobile Analytical Collection Element (MACE) operated by SIGINT specialists and INT analysts. The platforms are supported by a team of technical specialists, mechanics, and signal operators. The EW Troop’s mission is to support the eFP BG by exploiting and denying the use of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) by adversaries, and promoting awareness and understanding of the EMS to enhance force protection and targeting acquisition.

Upon arrival, the team had to overcome multiple challenges with regards to many technical issues, creating interoperability with the eFP BG during Ex SILVER ARROW, as well as learning how to conduct EW in a multinational environment. In all instances, EW Tp was able to push ahead despite the limitations and deliver successful results. Every EW Tp’s member’s professionalism and initiative as well the team’s solidarity are the backbone of our success. We are looking forward to contributing to a robust eFP BG capability and join the fight as one team!

Written by 2Lt Sabina Ungureanu

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Jim Hueglin
1 year ago

As a former member of 2 EW Sqn, and the Res EW Sqn, it is rewarding to see that the importance of EW to the conduct of operations is recognized. Such was not always the case, even within the Signals community.