Operation IMPACT Command Commendations


Recently, three Branch members – hailing from 2 CMBG HQ & Signal Squadron – were awarded the Air Detachment Commander’s Commendation to recognize their work with experimental IFF Crypto. The citation reads …

Air Detachment – IMPACT Commanders Commendation:

While deployed on Operation IMPACT ROTO 3, Sergeant Lambert, Master Corporal McQuigge, and Corporal Coombes skillfully supported the implementation of the MODE 5 identification system on the CC130J. Having no prior experience with the equipment, they tirelessly researched the procedure required to load the mission essential codes. Working extended hours and under a tight timeline, Sergeant Lambert, Master Corporal McQuigge, and Corporal Coombes professionalism and resourcefulness enabled the completion of a critical task preventing the loss of a mission.

Major Trevor Keefe, Air Detachment – IMPACT (AD-I) commander, presents Master Corporal Randy McQuigge with the AD-I Commander’s Commendation in Camp Canada, Kuwait, on September 21, 2020.

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