Operation REASSURANCE: 117th C&E Branch Birthday

by | Nov 6, 2020 | News | 0 comments

On 24 October 2020 enhanced Forward Presence Signal Squadron hosted the 117th C&E Branch Birthday on OP REASSURANCE.  All Signallers from eFP Latvia were in attendance.

Signal Squadron delivered a historical presentation about the Branch  and the last 117 years. Squadron leadership presented a cake concluding the 117th Birthday celebrations.

It was a successful event celebrating the spirit of what it means to be a military communicator, strengthening signals esprit de corps with many nations in attendance.


enhanced Forward Presence Signal Squadron, Left to Right Back row: Cpl Bromley (IS Technician), Maj Clarke (Sig O), MWO Laprade (Sig Op), Cpl Molkanen (Line Technician) Left to Right Front row: Cpl Waddell-Blais (Sig Tech), Cpl Lebel (Sig Op)

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