RCCS to adopt the Army Blue Beret


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The RCCS will restore historic traditions and recommence the use of the Army Blue Beret with all Orders of Dress.
For details please click here

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Charles Simpson
5 years ago

As I am retired and a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, there are occasions when we do wear our berets (green) that we wore when in the service. Will we be allowed to wear the new one in place of the old.

CWO Shelly Harris
5 years ago

Good Afternoon Charles,

You are absolutely encouraged to wear the Army Blue Beret. You can check with “The Mercury Shop”, as they have ordered some, however, I am not sure if they have received them as of yet. As well, you may want to check with the Royal Signals (UK) at the following link, http://www.royalsignalsshop.uk/index.html. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

[email protected]