Recognition of Excellence: C&E Branch Members Coined During NORAD CBC2 Demonstration at 22 Wing North Bay


Two members holding coins with the RCAF Comd

Celebrating exceptional achievements in the modernization of tactical command and control capabilities, members of the Communication and Electronics (C&E) Branch were honored during two presentations held at 22 Wing North Bay during the introduction of NORAD’s new Cloud-Based Command and Control (CBC2) System. The first presentation, held last month, saw Lieutenant-General Eric Kenny, Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), award coins of distinction to two outstanding individuals: LCol Tyler Lavigne and LCol Ryan Lizotte. In a preceding presentation, General Glen VanHerck, then Commander of NORAD, presented two additional coins to commendable Branch members, Maj Ken Mui and Maj Rebecca Peitzche, who served as the Deputy Program Director (D/PD) and Deputy Project Manager (D/PM) respectively of the CBC2 project.

The Recognized C&E Branch Members:

  1. LCol Ryan Lizotte:Currently employed at ADM(MAT) Radar and Communications Systems (R&CS), responsible for overseeing implementation and sustainment of RCAF Command and Control Systems. In close collaboration with RCAF Director of Air Domain Development (DADD), USAF program office and Canadian Air Defence Sector personnel, overcame several hurdles to achieve initial fielding of the CBC2 system in Canada.
  1. LCol Tyler Lavigne: Currently working as RCAF DADD 3, he was instrumental in coordination of requirements and resources to support CBC2 implementation. Working closely with the R&CS implementation team, he conducted several briefings to senior leadership to advise on CBC2 progress and highlighted potential future opportunities to solve wider DND/CAF problems via the program.
  1. Maj Ken Mui: As the D/PD of the CBC2 system, he worked closely with R&CS, DADD and their US counterparts to define the requirements and oversee implementation of CBC2 within 22 Wing.
  1. Maj Rebecca Pietzche: As the D/PM of the CBC2 system, she worked closely the US project team to bring the project to IOC at 22 Wing which was very familiar with having been a previous CIS Officer on the Wing.
Two members holding coins

Maj Rebecca Peitzche and Maj Ken Mui both hold a NORAD Commander’s Coin presented to them by Gen Glen VanHerck

The demonstration marked a significant milestone in NORAD’s modernization efforts, enhancing tactical command and control capabilities as part of the DAF BATTLE NETWORK’s Advanced Battle Management System.

Operator Feedback and Future Releases

In the coming months, Canadian Air Defense Sector operators will actively participate in providing feedback through the USAF’s agile software development methodology. This collaborative approach ensures continuous improvement, adaptive planning, and evolutionary development as CBC2 transitions into its next phase. Future releases are anticipated at Air Defense Sectors in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington throughout 2024 and into 2025, solidifying CBC2’s role in advancing NORAD’s capabilities.

Canada’s contribution to CBC2 aligns with the NORAD modernization plan, announced by the Minister of National Defence in June 2022. This comprehensive plan, supported by a $38.6 billion investment over twenty years, encompasses the modernization of command and control systems, deployment of next-generation sensors, acquisition of advanced air-to-air missiles, infrastructure upgrades, and significant investments in science and technology.

Congratulations to LCol Lavigne, LCol Lizotte, Maj Mui and Maj Pietzche for their well-deserved recognition. Their dedication and expertise contribute to the continued success of 22 Wing North Bay and NORAD’s mission to safeguard North American airspace.

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