Remembrance and Commemoration of a UNEF I Signalman Philip Crouse


Signalman Crouse was born in Liverpool, NS. He enlisted in The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals in 1960. In 1965 he was posted as a Radio and Telegraph Operator (later Rad Op) to 56 Signal Squadron as part of UNEF I (UN Emergency Force in Egypt). Unfortunately, Philip was electrocuted on 20 August 1966 working on a radio transmitter (BC610) in Sharm El Sheik, Eqypt. Signalman Crouse is buried in the Gaza War Cemetery. But the story doesn’t end there. Sgt (Ret’d) Bill Murphy who was a friend of Philip initiated a plan to have a memorial plaque and maple tree installed at the Liverpool Regional High School that Philip attended. The plaque reads…

Bill Murphy, Anita Hyatt, LCol Dale Warner

Anita with Students

Through Bill’s dedication and hard work, the plaque was unveiled on 5 June 2015 in the presence of Philip’s mother – Anita Hyatt (Silver Cross Mother) and the then Commanding Officer of 36 Signal Regiment – LCol Dale Warner. But the story continues…



Bill Murphy, Principal Soujah

At a Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa several years ago Bill noticed a gentleman wearing a UNEF I medal. On further inquiry it turns out that the gentleman was the Medical Officer in Egypt in 1966 when Signalman Crouse was killed. He was the doctor who attended Signalman Crouse and pronounced him deceased. The doctor – Dr. Merv Letts – wrote a book titled “Sinai Surgeon –The Adventures of an RCAF Medical Officer with UNEF” and the incident surrounding Signalman Crouse is mentioned in the book. Dr. Letts graciously donated a copy of the book that Bill then presented to the Liverpool High School where it is now displayed. But the story continues…


At the recent November 11th ceremony, the students at the Liverpool High School –on their own initiative–organized their own commemoration by painting rocks with their own unique poppy design. These rocks once suitably prepared for the outside will be placed around the tree planted at their school in memory of Signalman Crouse.

Remembrance Day Display

Poppy Design

Poppy Design









This is a story of tragedy given the loss of Signalman Crouse’s life, but also of the incredible dedication of one individual to ensure a soldier’s sacrifice is not forgotten and finally of the spirit of our younger generation who continue to commemorate the service of one of their own and in so doing also to recognize and commemorate the service and sacrifice of all our courageous and dedicated CAF servicemen and women.

Thank you….Bill and Students of Liverpool Regional High School

Kevin O’Keefe
Brigadier-General (Retired)
Colonel Commandant
Communications and Electronics Branch/The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals


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Frank de Koning (Dutch)
3 years ago

Just a short note to memorialize Phil Crouse. I served with him in Rafah and remember him well. He was liked by all.

R Merv Letts
3 years ago

I would like to pay tribute to Signalman Crouse who was working under austere conditions in Sharm El Sheikh at the southern tip of the Sinia Penisula providing essential radio contact re ship movements in the Gulf of Aqaba, the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea when he lost his life in the service of the United Nations Emergency Force and Canadian Army Signal Corps. I would also like to pay tribute to Bill Murphy, a veteran of the Canadian Signal Corps and a colleague of Phillip’s who arranged for the recognition of Philip’s contribution to peace and acknowledgement of Philip’s mother as well as Philip’s school. Per Ardua ad Astra!
Merv Letts UNEF I Medical Officer 115 ATU

Dave Elliott
3 years ago

I was proud to have served in Egypt at camp Rafah with Signalman Crouse. Thanks to all especially Bill Murphy for keeping Phil’s memory alive.
Sig. DN Elliott 3 Sigs. And 56 Sig. Sqns