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Retirement of MWO Gary O. White, 26 March 1976 – 25 June 2019

“RCCS de G.O., Long Msg K”

1. This message is to inform all of the many members of the RCCS, members of the Royal Canadian Regiment and the numerous members of the CAF in which I have had the pleasure to serve with and come in contact with over extremely long and rewarding career as a Reserve Infantryman Bravo Coy, 1 Battalion, Royal New Brunswick Regiment and a RAD OP 211, Royal Canadian Corps Of Signals.

2. It is time for me to move aside and allow others to pick up the torch and soldier on in both the RCCS and the CAF. Those who know me will understand.

3. I am fiercely proud of being a part of an organization such as the Armed Forces and The Signal Corps.

4. I have had a number of postings over my career, all of them extremely rewarding, even during times of frustration, I would not change a thing.

5. I have had the pleasure an honour of serving with and for so many great people, I cannot begin to thank the ones who have had a positive impact in my growth as a soldier / signaller. For those individuals, you know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Suffice to say, my leadership style, which is from an older school army has enabled me the opportunity to rise to the rank of MWO.

6. I was able to formulate my style from a great many people whom I admire and respect, in doing so I was able to “Create G.O.”.

7. I am fiercely loyal, have worked hard, played harder, (just ask a few of my former OC’s, CO’s and RSM’s), but believe I was always firm but fair. Truth is paramount, sometimes people do not want to hear the truth. If you asked me a question and you don’t want a truthful answer, please do not ask me the question. Work hard, do what is expected, “Never Pass a Fault”, do what you are told and do what is right, if you cannot do what you are told, “Do What is Right” and most importantly “Own It”, no matter what the consequences.

8. Over the years I have been served with; 1 RNBR Mar 76 to Dec 78, Recruit Training Cornwallis, TQ3 Rad-Op CFSCE and posted to Special Service Force HQ & Sigs Sqn Sep 79 – Jul 83, 702 Comm Sqn Jul 83 to Jan 90, 1 CDHSR Jan 90 – Jul 95, 1 RCR Jul 95 – Sep 99, 2 CMBG Sigs Sqn Sep 99 – Mar 2002, CFJSR Mar 2002 – Jul 2008, ADMIN J6 Coord, Jul 2008 – Jun 2001, LFWA (now 3 Div HQ) Jun 2001 – Jan 2013, CTC Trg Des Sigs Jan 2013 – Apr 2016, 5 Line Sqn  Apr 2016 – Jun 2018 and finally with 77 Line Regt HQ, working out of Gagetown NB.

9. I have been on a few tours to include:
UNFICYP Cyprus 254 Signal Sqn – Nov 80 – May 81, UNDOF Damascus UNDOF HQ Det – Dec 86 – Jun 87, UNIIMOG Iran 88 Sig Sqn Iran – Jul – Nov 88 – (the Fighting 88), UNTAG Namibia (South West Africa), LRCT – Mar 89-Sep 89, UNAMIR Rwanda – Jul 94 – Jan 95, Bosnia (1 RCR Btl Gp) – Jan – Jul 98, Task Force Afghanistan (TFA) (MT-7) – May – Dec 07, TFA PRT Sigs WO – Dec 07 – Mar 08, and TFA, Mentor for Afghan National Police (FOB Walton) Aug – Dec 10.

10. My lovely wife, Lisa and I will remain in the Oromocto area with our two dogs, Miss Emma and Sir Oliver. I will move on to working with Valcom at EFD as a contractor and golfing as much as I can throughout the summer. To Lisa I must express my utmost love, devotion and respect for being my love, partner, friend and wife, you are my rock during the last five years of my career.
To my Brother, Kevin, thank you for being there for me during some dark periods, the loss of Dad, Mom and Michael. Your love and friendship is what ensured the righting of the ship during family crisis.
To Pat and Murray Davis, I am so very happy we have reconnected, albeit a very long time, we are family and always will be. To my Son, Jeremiah, wife Emily, Aadon, and Grandson Owen, my daughter Cassandra and Grandson Aleksei, I love you all and have missed so much over the years. To my Step Daughter Hillary, husband Justin, thank you guys for being the Paramedics you are and all you do for our community. To Step Son Ryan, Fiancé Marcie and Grandson Cedar, thank you for everything.

11. Finally I would like to acknowledge my family, friends and comrades who were taken far too early;
Daniel Grant White (Father Aug 82), Donna Faye White (Mother – Jan 18), Michael Arthur White (Brother – Nov 17). Further I want to personally acknowledge the passing of Dusty Crawford, Crazy Dave Adams, and Dave Bennett to name a few. To all of our comrades we have lost over my career, notably during the Afghan years, may you all Rest in Peace, you shall never be forgotten, when the sun goes down you shall always be remembered.

12. This is not good bye, it is the beginning of another chapter and the reflection to all of you out there who have had an impact in my career and my life, Thank you so very much, for mentorship and much needed guidance to allow me to be who I am and the ability to hold my head high and be proud of what has been accomplished.

God Speed, good health and prosperity to you all.

My final message to the RCCS:


G.O. de RCCS, ZKJ Now, K

G.O. R, After 43 plus yrs, ZKJ AR

13. A DWD in his honour will be held at the Gage Golf and Curling club on 21 June.  For those who wish to be present, or wish to send a message, please contact WO Wells at [email protected] (506-422-2000 Ext 2245).



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