Retirement Date: 28/02/2024

1. After over 27 years of loyal and dedicated service to Queen / King and Canada, The Royal Corps of Signals and most notably the Line Trade, Sgt Mike Purdy will be releasing for the CAF on 28 Feb 2024.

2. Purdy, as his friends and the trade know him, joined the reserves in 1997 at the age of 17, and after 6 years as a “Class B bum” he decided to make it a permanent life choice. Being posted to 731 Comm Sqn Shilo, 2 PPCLI, 9 Wing Gander, CFJSR det Halifax, and finally 77 Line det Shilo his family was able to call a lot of Canada Home. Keynote is his son was born in Newfoundland, so the family intends on being in the moose draw! During his time he was deployed multiple times to sunny Afghanistan, once to Latvia, and even managed a short operation to Jamaica in July and August where even SPF 100 did not prevent him from getting sun burn.

3. Purdy, his wife Jenn and their two children plan to remain in the Brandon area. He will try to properly learn how to ride the two-wheel death machine and continue to swim with the old people on the local masters swim team. Jenn plans to continue to teach people how to cut hair, and the children will try to become good humans, even with Mike as their dad.

4. An informal DWD will be at Brandon at the ANAF club, date TBC, it will be late April or early May.

5. Anecdotes and congratulatory messages are to be sent to MWO Poole by email at [email protected] .

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Greg Denyes
2 months ago

Dood! Congrats! Wish I could have been around for your DWD.

ken howe
3 months ago

Congrats Micheal on an outstanding career. Thank you for
Your service.

Al Dunham
3 months ago

Well done Mike. Congratulations on your retirement and final promotion to the rank of “Veteran “. Looking forward to seeing you around the ANAF. Now I can’t jack you about your hair cut.

Mike Clarke
4 months ago

Congratulations Mike. All the best to you and yours in the future. Enjoy your well deserved retirement my friend.