ROSEN 2019 – Cancellation


Dear C&E colleagues,

I regret to advise all that the ROSEN Dinner for 2019 is cancelled. Due to a confluence of events – some out of my control – the attendance for this year’s dinner is very low and as a result it is not self supporting. I do realize that the dinner’s goal is to bring our community together for camaraderie and celebration and I hope that next year with earlier planning the dinner will once again generate greater interest and be back in its normal time slot – the first Friday in June. I will also look at ways to reduce the cost of the dinner perhaps allowing more participation. Finally, I hope in the coming weeks/month to solicit your advice on the ROSEN dinner again with the aim of generating more interest and participation in the future.

For those who have already registered for ROSEN 2019 we will make arrangements to reimburse your registration and advise you shortly of those arrangements.

We will also look at an opportunity in the fall for another occasion to gather our C&E family. We hope to have an event in Kingston to recognize and celebrate our military communication’s contribution to the critical Battle of the Scheldt and the liberation of Holland. This event will be part of our program in preparation for our C&E family’s Liberation of Holland Battlefield Study program planned for May 2020. Stay tuned.

Best regards,


Kevin G. O’Keefe, OMM, CD
BGen (retd)
Colonel Commandant
Communications and Electronics Branch
[email protected]
Tel 1-613-862-8495

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