Senior Appointment Program (SAP) Course 27 – 31 May 2019


This picture was taken during the 5th anniversary celebration of the Osside Institute where the guest of honour was CWO (Ret’d) Kevin West. Pictured left to right : CWO SD Mailer, CWO JMS Levac, CWO MD Harris, CWO DL Martens, CWO L Dunn and CWO JPR Boucher.

Osside Institute is the centre of excellence in leadership and was integrated to RMC St-Jean in 2014. Making it the only military institution in the world to offer education to non-commissioned members. The aim of the Senior Appointment Program is to prepare Chief Warrant Officer for higher institutional responsibilities. At Osside Institute Chief Warrant Officers with Senior Appointments study war theory and operations planning in the current security context; civilian-military governance, national security strategy and Canadian Defence policy; and organizational culture and change.

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