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The month of October is significant for the Communications and Electronic Branch (C&E Br) for a number of reasons:

1 October 1966 – A new Military Occupation (MOC) 291, Communicator Research (Comm Rsch), was created incorporating the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Radioman Specialist (RS) trade, the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (RCCS) Radio & Telegraphic Operator (R & TG) trade, and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Communications Operator (Comm Op) trade into a single occupation for the conduct of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).

October 1971 – The new C&E Badge was unveiled. It consist of a wreath of ten stylized maple leaves, one for each province with a centralized motif of Mercury carrying the caduceus from the RCCS badge situated between two lightning flashes adapted from the RCAF Signals Branch trades badge, and also worn by RCN radio communication and electronic trades; on an azure background. It will not be given Royal approval until the spring of 1972.

1 Oct 2011 – The Occupation Military Employment Structure Implementation Plan (MES IP) came into effect amalgamating the Land Communications and Information Systems Technician (LCIS Tech – 00110), Signal Operator (Sig Op – 00329) and Lineman (Lmn- 00015) occupation to form the new Army Communications Information Systems Specialist (ACISS) occupation, MOSID 00362. Members of the three previous occupations are assigned to the ACISS parent occupation or one of its three technologist sub-occupations depending on their qualifications and experience for Cpls to Sgts:

– Communications Systems Technologist (CST);

– Information Systems Technologist (IST);

– Line Systems Technologist (LST); or

And the fourth capping sub-occupation for WOs to MWOs:

– Communication and Information Systems Technology Manager (CISTM).

24 October – The C&E Branch celebrates the birthday of Canadian military communications as in 1903, General Order 167 authorized the formation of the “Canadian Signalling Corps (Militia)” which is represented today by the 7500+ serving personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces who wear the C&E badge.

Happy Birthday to these occupations, our badge and the Branch!

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