Following the GO BIG or go home principle I would like to inform you that I will be shaved (beard/mustache and hair nothing else!) this Friday to profit Soldier on, a charity I not only support and completely believe in but that I helped create long time ago (it is actually an interesting story). So I ask that you spread this around, people can show up to laugh or support me or give directly at Regardless you all can poke fun at me. Some have invited the SSC news folks and the largest donation I have received up to now is $500 from one of the contractor in PM&D. Do not let this put any pressure on anybody else, lot of former soldiers work for SSC.




Friday Dec 7th 10:45
Nepean SportsPlex, 1701 Woodroffe Ave
Door 4

For more information please send an Email

Former C&E Branch CWO
CWO (Ret’d) Pascal Dupuis, CD