The C&E Branch hopes to find other Branch veterans who may wish to receive the The Netherlands’ Medal of Remembrance. If you know of a Branch member, or family member to a Branch veteran, who has not yet received this medal and wishes to have their name submitted, to please forward the information requested below.

Over the years, The Netherlands has struck several versions of their “Medal of Remembrance” to honour the soldiers who helped liberate their country during the Second World War. In 1995, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Liberation of Holland, the Netherlands offered a “Thank you, Canada” anniversary medal to the more than 20,000 Canadian veterans who came to Holland to celebrate this memorable occasion.

To honour the equally important contribution of those veterans who were not able to attend those festivities in the Netherlands, The National Dutch Committee: “Thank You Canada and Allied Forces” minted a medal called “Medal of Remembrance in Relation to the Liberation of Holland.” This commemorative medal is a token of the sincere appreciation and lasting gratitude of the Dutch people for Canada’s wartime efforts.

The Netherlands continues to make this Medal of Remembrance available to Canadian soldiers who participated in the Liberation of The Netherlands. Applications may also be submitted on behalf of a deceased veteran. The C&E Association will facilitate any application by/for a signaller and will make the submission to the Embassy of The Netherlands on the Veteran’s behalf.

At minimum, the following information is required:

  • Full name, rank in 1945, Regimental Number, and birth date.
  • Unit and brief information about where he/she fought in the Netherlands.
  • Postal address to send the medal.

It would also be helpful if you could provide a picture in uniform and some additional information such as:

  • When did he/she enlist.
  • When did he/she embark for overseas.
  • When did his/her unit arrive on the continent.
  • When did he/she demobilize.
  • What was his/her Date of Death (if applicable).

Please send the requested information by email to [email protected]

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