Vintage Signals Team & 32 Signal Regiment – Another Great Success!


I wanted to share a couple of really amazing photos of the Vintage Signals Team (VST) recently taken. We were part of the Fort York Great War 100 Days Commemoration. While there, we had the pleasure of being supported by the personnel of 32 Signal Regiment. One of the photos shows our Honorary Colonel Ken Lloyd demonstrating the heliograph to one of the current soldiers. I love how the photo demonstrates three different eras of history: the cannon represents the War of 1812; HCol Lloyd represents the WWI era; and, the young soldier represents today!

Just as exciting is the light beaming towards the camera from the other side of the parade square. The Team was asked to demonstrate the power of light from the heliograph and they happily obliged, but used only half its strength for safety sake.

The VST had over 1,000 visitors through the display, and have been asked to attend other events! Please feel free to share these amazing photos. I am so very proud of what the Team has been able to accomplish and share the story of Signals around the planet!

Thank you, Terri McGillivray, Vintage Signals Team President

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