The Colonel-in-Chief Commendation is the highest award that the C&E Family may bestow.
It serves to recognize recipients – in the form of individual or collective awards – for exceptional service and selfless dedication, and who made a lasting contribution to the objectives of the C&E Branch and our greater family writ large.

The commendation was established by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, Princess Anne.  The award was officially unveiled on the 24th of October, 2013 to help mark the 110th anniversary of military communications in the Canadian Armed Forces.

All members of the C&E Family – including military, civilian, honorary appointments, retired members, and immediate family members – are eligible for the Colonel-in-Chief Commendation.  Furthermore, units or sections of a unit may be nominated when submitting a collective award.

The award is bestowed during C&E Week (late October timeframe) each year.

Note: The Colonel-in-Chief Commendation Certificate template is held by CFSCE Publication Development.  The Branch Adjutant will arrange for its production.  Afterwards, it is sent to the Colonel Commandant for furtherance to the Colonel-in-Chief.


Award Recipients


Year Medallion No. Recipient
2013 99 Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, Princess Anne
2013 1 Brigadier-General George D. Simpson, OMM, CD (Retired)
2013 2 General Ramsay M. Withers, CMM, CD (Retired)
2013 3 Colonel David L. Hart, MM, CD (Retired)
2013 4 Lieutenant-Colonel Dan Bergeron, OMM, CD (Retired)
2013 5 Brigadier-General George D. Simpson, OMM, CD (Retired)
2013 6 Brigadier-General Don Banks, CMM, CD (Retired)
2013 7 Brigadier-General Pep Fraser, OMM, CD (Retired)
2013 8 Brigadier-General William ‘Bill’ J. Patterson, OMM, CD (Retired)
2013 9 Colonel Peter H. Sutton, CD (Retired)
2013 10 Colonel Jack A.P. Thomson, CD (Retired)
2013 11 Colonel Percy A. Tappin, CD (Retired)
2013 12 Major Clair B. Bostwick, MMM, CD (Retired)
2013 13 Major David G. Lawrence, CD (Retired)
2013 14 Major Sandy E. Lipin, CD (Retired)
2013 15 Major Jack Magilton, CD (Retired)
2013 16 Master Warrant Officer Terry R. Murphy, MMM, CD (Retired)
2013 17 Warrant Officer Lisa DeNoble, MMM, CD (Retired)
2013 18 Brigadier-General Michel Charron, OMM, CD (Retired)
2013 19 Brigadier-General Dan P. Harrison, CD (Retired)
2013 20 Captain (Navy) John E. Croft, CD (Retired)
2013 21 Colonel Catherine E. Allan, CD (Retired)
2013 22 Colonel Bob Leitch, CD (Retired)
2013 23 Lieutenant-Colonel Brian P. McDonnell, CD (Retired)
2013 24 Major William ‘Bill’ W. Dyke, MMM, CD (Retired)
2016 25 Major Mike DeNoble, CD (Retired)
2017 26 Brigadier-General William ‘Bill’ Richard, CD (Retired)
2018 27 Colonel Don F. Pruner, OMM, CD (Retired)
2018 28 Colonel Jim Holsworth, CD (Retired)
2019 30 Chief Warrant Officer William ‘Bill’ Fallows, CD (Retired)
2020 29 Master Warrant Officer Patrice Guevremont, CD
2020 31 Brigadier-General Bob Martineau, CD (Retired)