Educational Bursaries: UPDATE


Members of the C&E Branch:

In response to issues caused by the outbreak of the Novel Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Branch Office shall modify the criteria and monetary awards for this year’s educational bursary competition. The intent is to help a greater number of families given the economic realities caused by this outbreak.

For this upcoming academic year, the Branch shall divvy up the total monetary pool to nine (9) bursaries of $750.00 each, to be allotted to children / dependants of serving Branch members in either the Regular or Reserve Force as follows:

  • 3 x $750.00 bursaries for officers (up to and including the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel); and
  • 6 x $750.00 bursaries for NCMs (up to and including the rank of Master Warrant Officer / Chief Petty Officer – 2nd Class).

Furthermore, contribution to the P070 Branch Fund is not be a pre-requisite for this year’s competition. The remaining direction and guidance found within the Educational Bursary Instruction is unchanged. Please refer to it before submitting an application.

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