52nd Memorial Service for Fallen Paratroopers
May 3rd, 2020

I am happy to inform you that 2 CMBG HQ & Sigs Sqn Garrison Petawawa is organizing the 52nd Memorial Service, which will be held Sunday, 3 May 20. I will inform you as more details become available.

As you know, the Garrison is growing and the Cairn was located in what has now become a secure zone. In addition, it required repairs which were estimated at $15,000. Taking all of this into consideration, the Garrison has generously repaired the Cairn and relocated it to the hill overlooking the Ottawa River near the Afghanistan Forest, just to the left of it.

It is close to the entrance of the Garrison and easily accessible by all visitors year around. The cairn is on its own and will serve as a memorial to remind the public and the Garrison of this tragedy.

I want to thank families, friends, fellow jumpers, past and present serving members for all your support this past decade. If there are any questions or concerns please contact me at 1-613-732-4477 or e-mail [email protected]. I look forward to seeing you this May.

In Comradeship,
Dennis Stow

The annual Memorial Service for the Seven Paratroopers who lost their lives May 8th 1968
in the Ottawa River during a training exercise parachute drop.

Reflect-Reconnect-Never Forget

Memorial Cairn - 8 May 1968 2 Airborne Signal Troop



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