Vol. 2, Issue 2, Summer 2023

Greetings to our Members!

Yes, all former and serving members (Regular Force and Reserve) of the C&E Branch and its founding elements are automatically members in perpetuity of the C&E Association. Your family members are welcome to apply for Associate Membership. See everything about us and the rest of the C&E Family at


We’re working on a new feature to better serve our retired members. For this issue, we would like to draw your attention to some websites where several links lead to information that can be useful to those of us who retire from the military to become …veterans!  Watch this space for more news and information.


As part of our service to C&E Association members, we approach companies and service providers to negotiate favoured rates and services for you.  TD Insurance provides preferred rates for home, auto, tenant, cottage, and travel insurance.  For more info, check out


We’re pleased to report that we are starting to get updates and newsletters from units and C&E associations from across the country.  One of the core functions of the C&E Association is to “connect with and promote a close association with all members of our extended C&E military community”.  If you have anything you’d like to share, be it news, a picture, or even a newsletter from your own local association, send it to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to include it.  Please enjoy!


Check the link for the latest 32 Signal Regiment newsletter and some great back issues: 


The June 2023 edition of the 77  Line Regiment newsletter has just been added:

5 GBMC en Évolution// 5 CMBG in Evolution

Le 5e Groupe-Brigade Mécanisé du Canada (5 GBMC) a toujours été la brigade (Bde) qui propulse l’Armée canadienne (AC) vers le futur avec des idées innovantes qui brisent le statu quo.  Un grand merci au capitaine Sean Minckler pour son excellent résumé de quelques-unes des nombreuses initiatives mises en œuvre par le 5 CMBG Trans pour tirer le meilleur parti de la technologie moderne des télécommunications sur le champ de bataille.

5 Canadian Mechanised Brigade (Bde) Group (5 CMBG) has always been the Bde that propels the Canadian Army (CA) into the future with innovative ideas that break the status quo.  Many thanks to Captain Sean Minckler for his excellent summary of some of the many initiatives that 5 CMBG Sigs has fielded to make the best use of modern telecommunications technology on the battlefield. Check it out – consultez le!


From April 28 to May 7 2023, members of the C&E Branch traveled to the Netherlands for a battlefield tour to commemorate the legacy of our C&E Branch predecessors during the liberation of The Netherlands. Signallers ‘got comms thru’ as Canadians fought over the Channel, on the coast of France & Belgium, and the dykes of the Netherlands. We helped liberate the Dutch and rebuild their lives. Canadian signalmen connected the German forces to General Foulkes for the surrender.

To take a look at Louis Lemaire’s blog, check out this link.  I have also included a few photos from the trip, taken by various participants, below.


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