Individual with Merit // Avec Merit

Presented to: Captain Gregory C. Parent of 38 Signal Regiment (Winnipeg)







1. LCol Jean-Marc Guerette, 3 CAN DIV G6, accepts the Individual with Merit award on behalf of Capt Gregory C. Parent alongside the C&E Association President (MGen (Ret’d) John Leech) and the Colonel Commandant (BGen (Ret’d) Kevin O’Keefe).
2. Capt Gregory Parent accepts the Individual with Merit award alongside LCol Jackie Janzen, CO 38 Sigs, and CWO Joel Alo, RSM 38 Sigs.

Citation: In recognition of his dedication and efforts in envisioning and executing the inaugural Corps Dinner in the Province of Manitoba; strengthening Canada’s Military Heritage by creating proud bonds between past and present members which reflects well on him and the entire Canadian Military Communications and Electronics community. // En reconnaissance de son dévouement et des efforts dans la visualisation et l’exécution du corps inaugurale souper dans la province du Manitoba; le renforcement du patrimoine militaire du Canada en créant fier les liens entre les membres passés et présents qui reflète bien sur lui et l’ensemble de toute la communauté militaire canadienne des communications et de l’électronique.

Substantiation of Nomination:

The Winnipeg military community is home to 38 Signal Regiment Headquarters and 1 Squadron, formerly 735 Communication Regiment. As members of the former Regiment released or retired, they maintained a strong bond through a non-formalized association, which saw them come together to celebrate the C&E branch birthday, attend change of command ceremonies and other similar type events. In recent years, this involvement has dwindled and the ties with former members was almost lost.

Captain Gregory Parent, understanding that the vitality of a Regiment is linked to its heritage, recognized that something needed to be done to reinvigorate the ties of past and current serving members. His vision led to the inaugural Manitoba Mercury Dinner, held on 26 April 2019. This dinner was hosted at Fort Gibraltar in the historic St. Boniface area of Winnipeg and followed a mixed dining-in format, allowing for spouses to attend in a more relaxed but still holding with military tradition. The dinner brought together all ranks from the current unit, retired 735 members, former and current 38 Brigade Group Commanders, and even former Regiment Signallers from out of province, all woven together by the Guest of Honour address by the senior Winnipeg C&E Branch member and 17 Wing Commander, Colonel Éric Charron.

In bringing his vision to reality, Captain Parent achieved the following; community was created by reuniting former unit members with current serving members; it reinvigorated a sense of C&E Branch pride by bringing together Air Force and Army Branch members within Manitoba and extending beyond provincial boundaries; this event received higher formation level traction (by having the Brigade Commanders’ attendance) toward building a C&E Association in Manitoba; it established a sense of family by conducting the dinner in a mixed dining-in format, encompassing spouses and other family members; the Guest of Honour address focused on the historical roots of the Branch in WWI which educated junior unit members and inducing pride in all attendees.

The overall impact of this initiative was that C&E Branch members were reunited, thus commencing the establishment of a strong Signal community in Manitoba, which endeavours to support our serving members in all facets of military life.

Individual with Honours // Avec honneur

Presented to: Master Warrant Officer Peter G. Nordstrom of 38 Signal Regiment (Winnipeg)

MWO Nordstrom receives the Individual with Honours award.

Citation: In recognition of his professionalism and proactive effort in preserving Canada’s Military Heritage; by recognizing the importance of Corps artifacts and providing an engaging educational experience to the local Saskatchewan public which reflects well on him and the entire Canadian Military Communications and Electronics community.  // En reconnaissance de son professionnalisme et son effort proactif dans la préservation du patrimoine militaire du Canada; en reconnaissant l’importance des corps d’artefacts et de fournir une expérience éducative au public locale de Saskatchewan qui reflète bien sur lui et l’ensemble de toute la communauté militaire canadienne des communications et de l’électronique.

Substantiation of the Nomination:

In February of 2019, a Facebook post circulated in the Regina, Saskatchewan, area, in which a local resident had come across a set of medals that he had found in the garbage collection many years earlier. Recognizing these medals may be important, he kept them and rediscovered them in early 2019. The medals belonged to W.A. Harvie, a prominent surgeon, of Regina. Warrant Officer Peter Nordstrom happened to see the Facebook post and responded for the call out for assistance to determine their origin. Of particular interest to WO Nordstrom was the fact that the accoutrements that accompanied the medals were Signals, dating back to the Second World War. This medal finding was also brought to the attention of Global News and aired on a feature called Focus Saskatchewan, and reported in CBC news.

WO Nordstrom deserves the recognition of this Heritage Award for his pro-activeness in stepping forward to assist in resolving this case of the lost medals as well as the recognition and education it brings in highlighting the RCCS to the Saskatchewan community.

Through his willingness to assist and keen interest in Communications and Electronics history, WO Nordstrom made himself available on several occasions to provide explanation to the medals and specifically the RCCS accoutrements. Demonstrating his professionalism, he sought the expertise of the 38 Canadian Brigade Group Public Affairs Officer to guide him through the interview process with the media correspondent. Through this public interview on Global News, WO Nordstrom was able assist in the research and proper return to rightful family members. Most importantly in a C&E Branch context, WO Nordstrom was able educate the local Saskatchewan public on the role and contribution of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, provide them with ties to First and Second World Wars and give them a regional sense of pride in their military heritage.

Individual Lifetime Achievement / Accomplissement d’une vie

Presented to: Sergeant Bill Murphy (Retired)

BGen (Ret’d) O’Keefe accepts the Individual Lifetime Achievement award on behalf of Sgt (Ret’d) Bill Murphy.

Citation: In recognition of a lifetime of service to Canada, particularly in the Nova Scotia region; for the compassionate care of veterans and families; the public education of military history; and the remembrance of the tragic events of August 19th, 1966 that took the life of Signalman P.M. Crouse of the Canadian Military Communications and Electronics community. // En reconnaissance de sa vie au service du Canada, particulièrement dans la région de la Nouvelle-Écosse; pour la compassion des vétérans et des familles; l’éducation publique d’histoire militaire; et le souvenir des événements tragiques du 19 août 1966, qui a eu la vie de Signaleur P.M. Crouse des Forces canadiennes de la communauté militaires canadiennes des communications et de l’électronique.

Substantiation of Nomination:

For more than 20 years Sergeant Bill Murphy (retired) has initiated or supported numerous projects and activities within the Shelburne, Nova Scotia area that have honoured the legacy of the C&E Branch and the Canadian Armed Forces in general.  Sergeant Murphy’s interest in our military heritage is directly linked to his service while deployed during an operational tour with UNEF 1 (1956-67) at Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. When he retired from military service and relocated to Shelburne, he became involved with the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, specifically to commemorate the sacrifice of  a local soldier Signalman Philip Morris Crouse who died while on duty  August 19, 1966, whilst serving with 56 Canadian Signal Squadron at Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.   At the Remembrance Day ceremony each year he has assisted the participation of the Silver Cross mother, Mrs. Anita Cranston, mother of Sig Crouse.  In 2015, he initiated a project for a memorial plaque to be dedicated at the Liverpool High School attended by Sig Crouse to include the planting of a maple tree nearby in his memory.  Sergeant Murphy arranged for local media coverage of the unveiling and attendance at the ceremony by local officials, CO 36 Signal Regiment and several signallers who had served with Sig Crouse.  Sergeant Murphy continues to support Mrs. Anita Crouse (98 years young) and visits her regularly at the nearby long-term care facility. This initiative by Sergeant Murphy has prompted other branches of the Royal Canadian Legion, along the south shore of Nova Scotia, to initiate projects to commemorate local soldiers who died in service to Canada.


1. Left to right, Sergeant Bill Murphy (Retired), Mrs. Anita Cranston, and LCol Dale Warner, CO 36 Signal Regiment.

2. Signalman Philip Crouse.


Sergeant Murphy has also assisted families of local soldiers, who served in WWI and WWII, to obtain military records of their relatives.  During visits to Europe he has located the graves of these soldiers and laid wreaths in their memory. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI, he assisted the daughter of a WWI soldier in researching the service of her father.  The soldier was serving with the 25th Battalion in Mons area when the war ended, 11 November 1918. Sergeant Murphy accompanied the family to Mons for the 100th anniversary commemoration on 1 November 2018 and walked the battlefield where their father served.

Sergeant Murphy has also encouraged Shelburne, Nova Scotia residents to learn more about WW11  military history  linked to their area.  He has provided history on the 104th Coastal Artillery Battery that was located during the war on an island protecting the Shelburne harbour.  The guns and carriages are still intact.

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