Noble Skywave 2020 Synopsis

The Communications and Electronics (C&E) Branch is holding its annual Professional Development week at Canadian Forces Base Kingston. The Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment (CFJSR), on behalf of the C&E Branch, will use this opportunity to conduct Ex NOBLE SKYWAVE 2020 (Ex NS 2020) from 27-29 Oct 20. The exercise will see the establishment of voice and data links between domestic and international teams via High Frequency (HF) skywave propagation.

Within a competition construct, participating teams will earn points for successful contacts with other participants. The scoring matrix for this competition will reward teams that are able to achieve contact with more distant participants. Teams are responsible for their own respective broadcast detachments, stations, sites, personnel, and completion of registration at before the deadline of 21 2100Z Oct 20.

Official documents for the exercise will be distributed by the event OIC via email as they become available. They will also be made available on the Exercise Noble Skywave web app, found at CEOIs, produced by the CCO, will be distributed to registered teams and will also be made available on the Exercise Noble Skywave web app.



Lt Bradley Hogan


Contact Information

Officer In Charge (OIC) / Exercise Coordinator, Lieutenant Bradley Hogan, CFJSR, +1 613-541-5010 extension 5798, [email protected]; and

Chief Communications Operator (CCO), Warrant Officer, Dylan McGraw, 21 EW Regt, +1 613-541-5010 extension 4032, [email protected].

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