Congratulations to CWO Paul Kendell for achieving over 50,000 points in the CIO Gp Fitness Challenge! He accumulated these points by participating in a myriad of physical fitness activities both within unit lines and on his own personal time.


The aim of the CIO Fitness Challenge is to develop the operational support culture within CIO Gp while simultaneously promoting healthy lifestyles through the promotion of physical fitness.

The CIO Fitness Challenge is a tool accessible through SharePoint by all civilian and military members to keep track of your physical activity. Keeping track of daily activity is not always automatic; A quick 20 minute jog would probably be sooner forgotten than a weekend workout session with your friends at the gym. This is a great resource to log your daily activities and keep tabs on your exercise, allowing you to monitor your progress or maintain your current statistics.

The rewards of physical activity are plentiful: strong body, clear mind, lowered risk of diseases, improved moods, energy boosts, better sleep, not to mention improved focus and clarity. The CIO Fitness Challenge provides its own incentive; where a logged activity brings you a series of credits. Once you achieve 15,000 credits you will be rewarded with an CIO certificate of achievement. There are also rewards for 25,000 credits (Gp CWO coin) and 50,000 credits (CIO coin).

There is no time limit, everyone has the ability (with dedication and commitment) to attain the milestones within this challenge, regardless of your current level of physical fitness, your work schedule or personal training regime.

I invite every employee of CIO Gp​ to test the limits, to explore this site and to join the challenge by enrolling in the Fitness Challenge.​​

Linked is the SharePoint page for the CIO Gp Fitness Challenge in case you are interested in taking this on as well.


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