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I thought I would provide a bit more Branch/Corps Trivia for your reading pleasure.

Did you know…

Three lakes in the District of Keewatin in the North West Territories have been named officially in recognition of the fact that The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals pioneered the development of the extensive radio communications network serving northern Canada.

In March 1958 a picturesque lake some 200 miles southwest of Chesterfield Inlet on Hudson Bay was named “Princess Mary Lake” [our first Colonel-in-Chief], in honour of HRH The Princess Royal and her first visit to the Corps in Canada in 1955. This lake is located at 64° 00′ N, 97° 40′ W.

On the occasion of the Corps Diamond Jubilee in 1963, two adjacent lakes were named. “Carruthers Lake” at 62° 32′ N, 100° 20′ W honours Major W.B Carruthers, founder of the Signalling Corps (Militia) in 1903 and “Forde Lake”, at 63° 20′ W, 96° 20′ W, perpetuates the name of Col E. Forde, Chief Signal Officer of the Canadian Corps in the First World War and head of Corps until 1942.

Source:  The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Standing Orders

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