The COVID-19 pandemic and associated life changes, including social distancing and potential changes to typical health care treatments, represent unprecedented life circumstances for Veterans and their spouses. Research is urgently needed to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated life and health care changes on well-being in Veterans and their spouses. Many of our colleagues and family members have been significantly affected and will be affected in the years to come. In some cases, these impacts will be similar to other Canadians. However, in some cases, the impact of the pandemic on their mental health will be exacerbated by their service. With this in mind, several research establishments in the country have embarked on studies into the impact of the pandemic on veterans, healthcare workers, and first responders. One such study is being conducted by the MacDonald Franklin OSI Research Centre (University of Western Ontario). This study is of specific interest to Veterans and Spouses. In addition to the lead researcher being a senior clinician in the OSI Clinic in London, the survey was developed with the support of two veterans, including Major-General (retired) Glynne Hines. The Veteran and Spouse Well-being During COVID-19 Survey is open to all Canadian Veterans and their spouses.

    • This means that Veterans can participate even if their spouses do not want to participate (and vice versa).
    • Veterans can participate even if they are not in a married/common-law relationship.
    • Treatment-seeking and non-treatment-seeking individuals are welcomed. There are no restrictions.

We are disseminating the survey link through VAC, the Royal Canadian Legion, other veteran organizations and military associations. It is presently only available in English but translation is underway and the French link will be distributed shortly.

You are encouraged to participate in this online study to examine the well-being of Veterans and their families during these unprecedented times.

Note: Spouses can participate regardless of whether their Veteran spouses also want to participate.

Survey Link:

This page allows individuals to view the most pertinent details of the study. It also allows participants to be screened for eligibility prior to displaying the survey link. An account on the survey site is not required.

Should there be any questions, please email Glynne Hines ([email protected]).

Thank you for contributing to this important research.

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