Reunion 2018 – Kingston 31 Aug-2 Sep

Reunion 2018  31 August – 2 September 2018  Kingston, Ontario

Members of our C&E/RCCS family…

Welcome to Reunion 2018.  The C&E Association, C&E Branch, RCCS, and the Signallers Club of Canada, in cooperation with CFB Kingston, and all the C&E Home Station Units, are looking forward to welcoming you to Kingston for the 115th and 50th anniversary of our Royal Canadian Corps of Signals and our C&E Branch.

This event is intended to involve all C&E Branch members, serving and retired with special tribute to our C&E Branch/RCCS veterans and to celebrate the founding of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals and the Communications and Electronics Branch and all its founding elements including the Royal Canadian Air Force Telecommunications, and Royal Canadian Navy Communications Research.

The program will include:

Friday  31 August  2018

  • Meet and Greet (20$)
    • 1630 – 2359 hrs (WO/Sgts Mess)

Saturday 1 September 2018

  • C&E Museum and Heritage event including veteran interviews for Oral History Project
  • Possible Golf Opportunity
  • Mini Reunion Gatherings*
    • 1200 – 1600 hrs (see below for details)
  • Dinner Dance (50$)
    • Dress: Semi-formal (Jacket and Tie)
    • 1900 – 0200 hrs (WO/Sgts Mess)

Sunday 2 September 2018

  • Veterans’ Parade
  • Wreath Laying ad Vimy Gate Memorial
  • Departure Brunch (20$)

*Mini-Reunion Details

Mini-Reunion Time Location OPI
Lineman & Airborne 1200 – 1600 hrs Army/Navy/Air Force (ANAF) CWO (Ret’d) Mel Douglas
Rwanda Veterans 1200 – 1600 hrs Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 560 (734 Montreal St), Kingston BGen (Ret’d) Paul Rutherford
Signallers Apprentice 1200 – 1600 hrs Army/Navy/Air Force (ANAF) CWO (Ret’d) Brian Reid
UN Operations 1200 – 1600 hrs WO & Sgts Mess Capt (Ret’d) Wayne Marshall and MWO (Ret’d) Jim James
Afghanistan 1200 – 1600 hrs WO & Sgts Mess, Panjway Rm CWO (Ret’d) Tony Fequet and Sgt Hawes
RCAF Tech Tel 1200 – 1600 hrs WO & Sgts Mess BGen (Ret’d) Pep Fraser
SRS & 291 1200 – 1600 hrs  WO & Sgts Mess LCol (Ret’d) Mark Lilienthal

Individual Quarters Request Form
The Individual Quarters Request Form can be emailed to R&[email protected]. The payment would be made to the Base Accommodation in building MB-37 when you pick up the key.

Reminder that if a PRI 1 activity presents itself (CAF Operations/direct support to training etc.) then Base will be forced to cancel or change in part or full said booking. As well, the rooms can only be used by serving or retired member. No civilian, pets or children in these rooms.

We look forward to seeing you in Kingston.

Best regards…your Reunion 2018 Committee

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