Promotions & Commendations: CIS Squadron Latvia

Sep 30, 2020 | 1 comment

The 4 Division & Task Force Latvia Commander presented commendations to two deserving signallers on 26 September 2020. Sergeant Sebastien Harvey – SIG OP (2 CMBG HQ & Sig Sqn Petawawa) CIS Squadron Task Force Latvia: From July to September 2020, Sgt Sebastien Harvey, while employed as Chief Communication Operator, has been instrumental in the development and implementation of numerous C2 capabilities within the BG and NSE. He assisted the eFP BG and Land Forces Mechanized Infantry Brigade with configuration and testing of all HF, L-TAC, TACSAT capabilities, while mentoring the junior signalers in the process. Sgt Harvey has been vital for the NSE, providing a robust PACE plan to enable their C2 functions. He developed solutions for deployed field ambulances to communicate with Camp Adazi; by enabling voice communications from the Hospital to the deployed ambulances, Sgt Harvey has directly enabled the superior triage of patients in Latvia. Sgt Harvey’s actions bring credit not only to himself and the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, but to Canada and NATO as a whole. Cpl Michael Walsh – IS TECH (2 CMBG HQ & Sig Sqn Petawawa) CIS Squadron Task Force Latvia: From Jul to Sept 2020, Cpl Walsh served as […]

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eFP BG Comms Academy Recap

Sep 30, 2020 | 0 comments

eFP Battle Group Latvia 20-02 Communications Academy As part of its first month on ground with enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Latvia, the Roto 20-02 Signal Platoon pioneered the mission’s first ever multi-national Communications Academy. This training introduced command post operators from all 9 NATO nations within the Battle Group to a wide variety of communications equipment. HF, VHF and UHF radio, tactical satellite and L-band satellite systems, line and signals dispatch service were all covered with theoretical and practical components as they apply operationally. Sending nations were also given the opportunity to present to the course their own ways of setting up command posts within their respective units. This 6 day course had the unique challenge for Canadian RCCS instructors having to confront the various language barriers amongst students from the 9 different nationalities. The award of Top Communicator was presented to an Italian soldier for his keenness in learning the equipment, networking skills and ability to move past language barriers and assist his peers. This Communications Academy gave the Battle Group an opportunity to not only create a common level of familiarity for all the national militaries involved, but also gave Canadian Signallers the chance to meet with and […]

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Exercise NOBLE SKYWAVE 2020

Sep 22, 2020 | 0 comments

Noble Skywave 2020 Synopsis The Communications and Electronics (C&E) Branch is holding its annual Professional Development week at Canadian Forces Base Kingston. The Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment (CFJSR), on behalf of the C&E Branch, will use this opportunity to conduct Ex NOBLE SKYWAVE 2020 (Ex NS 2020) from 27-29 Oct 20. The exercise will see the establishment of voice and data links between domestic and international teams via High Frequency (HF) skywave propagation. Within a competition construct, participating teams will earn points for successful contacts with other participants. The scoring matrix for this competition will reward teams that are able to achieve contact with more distant participants. Teams are responsible for their own respective broadcast detachments, stations, sites, personnel, and completion of registration at before the deadline of 21 2100Z Oct 20. Official documents for the exercise will be distributed by the event OIC via email as they become available. They will also be made available on the Exercise Noble Skywave web app, found at CEOIs, produced by the CCO, will be distributed to registered teams and will also be made available on the Exercise Noble Skywave web app.   Sincerely, Lt Bradley Hogan   Contact Information […]

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Midnight Blue Cummerbunds

Sep 21, 2020 | 0 comments

Branch Dress Update: Midnight Blue Cummerbund Reference: Canadian Armed Forces Dress Instructions (A-DH-265-000/AG-001) – Annex B – Appendix 2 (page 189/250) C&E Branch Members: Consultation with the respective dress committees of each service element and research into the referenced dress manual has identified a uniform issue which must be rectified.  The reference clearly indicates that C&E Branch members are to wear a BLUE Cummerbund (now clarified as MIDNIGHT BLUE) for all members of the Communications & Electronics Branch.  This yields the greatest impact on Non-Commissioned Members as they wear cummerbunds on all DEU 2 Mess Dress iterations until they attain the rank or CWO (RCCS and RCAF Telecom Wing) or CPO1 (RCN Signals Intelligence Division). Specifically, the dress manual clearly states in para 3 of page 189 that ‘All members … shall wear cummerbunds of the authorized colour for their branch …’. Thus, the following change to cummerbunds shall be observed: RCCS NCMs up to MWO (and all ranks wearing the DEU 2A – Mess White) shall wear the MIDNIGHT BLUE Cummerbund; RCAF Telecom Wing NCMs up to MWO (and all ranks wearing the DEU 2A – Mess White) shall wear the MIDNIGHT BLUE Cummerbund or the RCAF Tartan Cummerbund; and RCN Sig Int Division NCMs up to […]

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Change of Flag – Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul Afghanistan

Sep 10, 2020 | 0 comments

On the morning of 8 September 2020, Warrant Officer Balleux and Master Corporal Benner had the tremendous honour to represent 1 NATO Signals Battalion during a change of flag ceremony.  As the only military representatives of Canada in Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul, Afghanistan, they were requested to replace the current Canada Flag, which – over the years – became heavily damaged by time and the elements. Views: 5

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Juno Beach Centre Remembrance Run/Walk – Fundraising

Sep 9, 2020 | 0 comments

The Juno Beach Centre in Normandy France is Canada’s memorial in Europe honouring those who fought in World War II. We seek to protect the legacy of Canada’s Second World War veterans in a manner that is interesting, relevant and educational to new generations, today, tomorrow, and in the future. Covid-19 has hit us hard, with the museum closed for three months and all tours from Canada for 2020 and early 2021 cancelled. So, we are re-grouping and re-establishing our fundraising initiatives. This is one of them. I have been on the Board of Directors of the JBC for about ten years. Through August I walked the route from Juno Beach (virtually) to Bény sur Mer Cemetery, to Carpiquet Airport, and then on to Caen (hard fighting back then). From there to Point 67 (where Gunners now have a 25 Pounder), then Verrières Ridge and on to Falaise (we have all heard of and studied the Falaise Gap) – 64 kilometres in August. In September and October, I plan to walk the distance from Falaise to the Seine River – another 155 kms, a bit over seven half marathons. Then I will walk another half marathon or more, leading up to Remembrance […]

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