C&E Branch Members participate in IRON WARRIOR 2022

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The annual IRON WARRIOR event, hosted by CFB Petawawa, took place on 27 and 28 Aug 2022. This gruelling event, which involves a ruck march, a canoe portage and then paddling said canoe down the Ottawa River, is a mental and physical challenge for all participants, and the C&E Branch was well represented in this year’s event. Units participating included 2 CMBG HQ & Sigs, 77 Line Regt, 21 EW Regt and members from DGIMO and CFIOG.

Of note, the 2 CMBG HQ & Sigs team placed first overall in the Minor Unit category, and Pte Vergelio Sales, a Line Tech with 2 CMBG HQ and Sigs, placed third overall on the 42km event! All members from the Branch who set out to complete either the 42km or the Sprint were successful, and everyone crossed the finish line without injury or mishap. A stellar result overall!

The following members of the C&E Branch are congratulated for taking part in this year’s IRON WARRIOR;

2 Sigs – 42km
Capt Fleet
Lt Hanna
Lt Jeddy (Team Captain)
MCpl Bennett
MCpl Roux
Cpl Kadir
Cpl Rose
Cpl Williamson
Pte Melka
Pte Sales
Pte Simon

2 Sigs – 21km sprint
Capt Sarai
2Lt Pelletier
2Lt Poissant
2Lt Leclerc
Cpl Born
Cpl Sidhu
Pte McCarthy
Pte Mifire
Pte Pearson

21 EW Regt – 42km
Capt Curran
2Lt Shurepa
MCpl Vandurme
Cpl Taylor
Pte Abou-Salem
Pte Bajpai
Pte Belkin
Pte Carrmichael
Pt Pfister
S3 Turay

21 EW Regt – 21km sprint
2Lt Merkel (Team Captain)
2Lt Drawson
Cpl Yntema

77 Line Regt – 42km
Cpl Haydari
Cpl Paradis
Cpl Roussy

77 Line Regt – 21km sprint
Lt Kim
Cpl Maclean

Col Boivin – 16th place, 5:11:57;
WO Osmond – 182nd place, 8:05:26;
WO Ward – 225th place, 9:05:43;
PO2 Harp (USN PEP)
MS Duguay-Boucher – 44th place, 5:51:56;
MCpl Van Coppen – 219th place, 9:00:08;
Cpl Haley – 220th place, 9:00:35;
Cpl Labreque – 119th place, 7:01:06; and
Pte Valaskyy – 221st place, 9:00:38.

Congratulations to all!


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