Two Ontario veterans celebrate shared 107th birthday

Jan 29, 2020 | 0 comments

Dear C&E Family, Please follow the link to Toronto CTV News article about WWII Veterans John Boyd and Alex Boucher celebrating their 107th birthday on the same day, 25 January 2020. Link to Article:  

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“Commanding a Dream” – Article About Col. Eric Charron

Jan 1, 2020 | 0 comments

Photo credit: Ruth Bonneville / Winnipeg Free Press A recent feature article in the “Winnipeg Free Press” relates an interview with Colonel Eric Charron, Commander of CFB Winnipeg and 17 Wing.  The author presents a picture of a proud member of the RCAF and our C&E Family dedicated to serving the CAF as do so many of our colleagues.  The reader is given a realistic glimpse into the activities of the Base and Wing as well as a personal portrait of Colonel Eric, a credit to the Canadian Forces. The full-page article can be read at

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A 1941 Tragedy at Sea – A New Book Of Historical Interest

Dec 28, 2019 | 0 comments

On 11 November 2019 (Remembrance Day), author and retired naval officer William Dziadyk published his historical non-fiction book “S.S. Nerissa, the Final Crossing: The Amazing True Story of the Loss of a Canadian Troopship in the North Atlantic”.  The embarked troops included five members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals.  Three of the Signallers perished during the sinking.   ​The details of the sinking of the S.S. Nerissa were highly classified until almost 50 years after the event.  The tragic loss of this ship on 30 April 1941 resulted in the third largest loss of life for a ship sunk by U-boats in the approaches to the British Isles.  The deaths of 81 Merchant Navy seamen, 98 Canadian, British and Norwegian troops, 11 American Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) pilots and 17 civilian passengers touched not only Canadian families at the time, but also many families in the United Kingdom, Norway and the neutral United States.  This book focuses on the events which led up to the sinking by U-552 (Erich Topp) and the resulting public relations dilemma on the Canadian home-front.  Also included are eye witness accounts from many of the survivors and some stories of those who perished.  Much […]

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CFJSR Members awarded Command and CDS Commendations

Dec 13, 2019 | 0 comments

Corporal J.R.D. Handley, 3 Squadron: Awarded the Commander CJOC Commendation Corporal Handley deployed to Qayyarah-West, Iraq from February to May 2019 as part of Canada’s contribution to the multinational effort to defeat Daesh. As the Acting Commander of the Communication Information system Detachment, his performance was stellar. He assumed responsibility for all theatre communication equipment to the fullest extent, and conceived, designed, and implemented numerous processes to ensure the timely submission and activation of CAF and coalition networks across five camps. Moreover, he confidently prepared concise briefings for the Commanding Officer of the Impact Training and Coordination unit regarding communications-related issues. Corporal Handley’s professionalism and tireless efforts ensured the connectivity of all communication platforms.   Master Corporal K. Fougere, 3 Squadron: Awarded the Commander CJOC Commendation Master Corporal Fougere trained and led the Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment’s team for Exercise NOBLE SKYWAVE 18, a prestigious international High Frequency competition conducted in Norway in November 2018. His infectious desire to win inspired his team, who moved from the bottom of 123 competitors to achieve First Place while using a man pack radio and improvised antennas. Master Corporal Fougere’s exemplary leadership and dedication ultimately led to Canada winning the competition, bringing […]

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Retirement – MWO Herb Postill, CD, RCCS (Retired) – Kit Shop Manager

Dec 12, 2019 | 6 comments

C&E Branch Family: Herb Postill – our very own Kit Shop Manager who haunted the halls of the C&E Museum for over a decade – is retiring for a second and final time. Herb, a retired Master Warrant Officer, started his career as a Gunner from 1975 to 1981. He re-mustered to Lineman where he proudly served the Corps and Queen until 2004. In all, Herb dedicated 28 years of his life to the uniform. He deployed to Cyprus and Bosnia, and was posted to numerous bases including Debert, Kingston, Gagetown, Calgary, and Edmonton. After hanging up his lineman spurs, Herb took on the job as the C&E Kit Shop Manager; a post he held for 15 years (from the Spring of 2005 until his last official day … which is set for the first week of January 2020). Just about every unit T-shirt, camp flag, court mounted medal, mess kit accoutrement, sword, pace stick, and retirement gift was handled, purchased, mailed, re-ordered, gift wrapped, and haggled by Mr. Postill. The Kit Shop won’t be the same without him. He and his wife Wendy plan on travelling throughout the United States and the Atlantic provinces of Canada as he concludes […]

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